Coping with Menopause Symptoms While Traveling

Menopause Symptoms Travelling Dr. Donna Hagberg

Let’s face it – there’s never a good time to deal with the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. But while you're traveling? That's a very inconvenient time!

You invest a lot of energy and money into planning a trip. You don’t want hot flashes, headaches, and mood swings, to ruin the fun. That’s why it’s important to make sure your body is prepared, before you leave town.

How can I prepare when my body is so unpredictable?

You used to know everything about your menstrual cycle. You knew when you needed to stock up on pads, tampons, and Ibuprofen. Now, your body feels like unknown territory. You don’t know what you need. Or even how you'll wake up each morning. That’s frustrating!

Some women only experience hot flashes. While others, experience hot flashes, anxiety, night sweats, and more. How do you prepare when you don't know what symptom will show up?

Plan ahead

Pain medication isn’t usually hard to find. But that doesn’t mean you want to travel without it. You never know when symptoms might hit you. Having the necessities in your purse or carry on bag can save you from discomfort. Stock up on pain medication (or any other prescribed medication). So you’re equipped to handle your symptoms.

Know your triggers

Substances such as caffeine, spicy food, alcohol, and carbs can worsen your symptoms. These might be some of your favorite things. And you may feel inclined to indulge during vacation. But it can make you feel horrible. Skip them, so you can enjoy your travel plans without negative symptoms. Consider packing healthy snacks to ensure you're eating right.

Keep busy

Plan activities that keep you busy. Go on a hike, book a massage, or spend time with friends. This will help keep your mind off the discomfort. Exercise can also ease symptoms. Don't be afraid to do something active on your trip every single day.

Take your vitamins

During menopause, your body doesn’t absorb magnesium as well as it used to. Low Mg levels can worsen cramps and dampen your mood. Multivitamins, iron supplements, and magnesium oil spray can help when you're traveling. Don't forget to check with your doctor first, before you take any new vitamins.

Talk with your gynecologist before you travel

Don’t let hot flashes and night sweats ruin your travel plans. Contact Dr. Donna Hagberg. She can provide advice on how to ease your menopause symptoms, so you're ready for vacay. Call our office at 860-356-2042 or book your appointment online.

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